Journal History

Akta Agrosia is an agriculture journal published firstly in 1997 by Department of Plant Production, University of Bengkulu – Indonesia.  Since its first publication in 1997 (Volume 1, number 1) until 2017 (Volume 20, number 1), Akta Agrosia accepted manuscripts bilingually in Indonesian and in English.   The editorial team then changed the policy to publish articles in English started from Volume 20, number 2, the year 2017 until now.  
Akta Agrosia is dedicated to researchers or academics who intent on publishing research, scientific thinking, or other scientific ideas. The articles published in the Akta Agrosia are the author’s original works  covering on Crop Production, Crop Physiology, Pest and Disease, Soil Science, Agronomy, Plant Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant Biotechnology.
Printed version with ISSN 1410-3354 Akta Agrosia was published by Program Studi Agronomi Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Bengkulu.  For electronic with e-ISSN 2615-7136, Akta Agrosia is hosted by the publisher Jurusan Budidaya Pertanian Fakultas Pertanian UNIB.  Since the year of 2018 the publisher has been in collaboration with Badan Penerbitan Fakultas Pertanian- UNIB.