Journal of Agri Socio-Economics and Business


Journal of Agri Socio-Economics and Business is published by Badan Penerbitan Fakultas Pertanian (BPFP) Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu and distributed twice a year in June and November. JASEB is dedicated to researchers and academics intent on publishing research, scientific thinking, and other original scientific ideas.

JASEB scientific periodical publication on Agribusiness, Agricultural Socio-Economics and Business issue as a media for information dissemination of research result for lecturer, researcher and practitioner. 

The article published in the JASEB is the author's original work with a broad spectrum of topics. Detailed scopes of articles accepted for submission to agricultural socio-Economics and Agribusiness study involve two approaches, macro and micro approach.

(1) The Macro approach of Agri socio-economic and Business as a system which comprehensive and integrated from subsystems up-stream, subsystems on-farm, subsystems down-stream, subsystems support and the impact of their interrelationships with government policy, international resources economics, agricultural marketing, natural resources, agricultural rural extension and communication, agricultural sociology, environmental management, farmer institutions, agrarian studies, , rural sociology, and community empowerment;

(2) The Micro approach includes the study in the development of Agribusiness (finance, farm management, functional and technical aspects), agribusiness management, agribusiness development and agricultural local institutional.