Raesa Harlina, Sri Fatimah, Iwan Setiawan


Onion is the third largest horticultural commodity with the production and land area in Indonesia. The growth of onion demand has an increase up to 1.73% annually. This motivates farmers to develop their onion farms. On the other hand, onion is a risky farm that comes from various factors. Farm risk perceptions need to be developed through risk communication. Without risk communication, farmers' awareness of possible risks is low and farming is increasingly at risk. This research uses descriptive method and sociometry to know perception and risk communication of Rindu Alam Farmer Group. There is a wide diversity of farmers' perceptions towards risk. Risk communication is done directly. The type of social network in this group is the whole network. The density of the network is 0.369 with medium strength, number of bond 114. The actor who has the highest degree of closeness, betweenness and centrality is the manager of the group. This group network system forms 12 clicks with a minimum of 3 members. Leaders in this group are joined in more than one clique. The most frequently communicated risk factors that are considered important.

Keywords: social network analysis (SNA), risk communication, risk perception, clique, betweenness, closeness, density, the centrality


social network analysis (SNA), risk communication, risk perception, clique, betweenness, closeness, density, the centrality

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