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Agricultural Term Paper Topics

by Willie M. Miller (2021-05-10)

Agricultural Term Paper Topics

  • Agricultural Education: The Scope of the Field in an Adult Vocational Setting

According to the experts from paper writing service this paper discusses the current nature of agricultural education in the context of a vocational adult setting. It does this by examining the three primary avenues of education that are normally engaged in to provide students with a theoretical knowledge of current trends and practices while still granting them the opportunity to put those theories into practice by engaging in hands-on learning experiences. Additionally, extra-curricular organizations are discussed and the role they play in the educational process, allowing students the chance to network with industry professionals and maintain a current knowledge of developing innovations.

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  •  An Analysis of Levees in the United States.

This paper will discuss the nature of levee's and why they should be built for farmer's that are privatized. By arguing against the use of levees, we can see why the private industry does not take into account the nature of the person who may be flooded in certain areas. Some wish to have the taxpayer to pay for prevention of flooding, but the main idea is, that government should own the flood plains, and not private enterprise.

  •  Anthrax: The Effects Of Antibiotics On The Anthrax Bacteria In The Bovine Species.

This paper discusses Anthrax and highlights the effect of antibiotics on anthrax in bovine species. It includes introduction (history), objective, importance and reviews of 20 articles related to the topic. 

 Asian Studies Term Paper Topics 

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  • A Review of Guha and O'Hanlon.

This paper reviews two authors' works. The first being "On Some Aspects of the Historiography of Colonial India." by Ranajit Guha. Guha argues that the historiography of Indian nationalism has traditionally been dominated by elitism, which has its roots in British rule. The second work is "Recovering the Subject: Subaltern Studies and Histories of Resistance in Colonial South Asia," by Rosalind O'Hanlon which deals with the main issue that Guha discusses. 

  • A comparison of the Three Kingdoms: Paikche, Koguryo, Silla

This paper outlines the similarities and differences in politics, culture, and religion of these three kingdoms. This paper will argue that the Silla kingdom's eventual embrace of Chinese culture, and in particular Buddhism, that allowed it to finally triumph over the other kingdoms in its struggle for peninsular supremacy. 

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More Asian Studies Term Paper Topics 

  • Addressing the Chinese Myth as a Source of Cultural Awareness and an Understanding of the Natural World.
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of China Entering WTO.
  • Aesthetics and Military Tradition: The Dialectical Tension.
  • Albert Einstein.
  • An Analysis of Chinese Business Practices.
  • An Analysis of Cultural and Economic Allowance of Foreign Entities in Japanese History
  • An Analysis of Economic Development Planning in the Post-Independence History of India.
  • An Analysis of South Korean Labor Rights.
  • An Analysis of Unethical Reporting on the SARS Case in Taiwan
  • An Analysis of the History of Chinese Characters.
  • An Examination of the Literary Representations of Korean Social, Political and Gender Ideals in Selected Works from the Koryo and Choson Dynasties
  • An Examination of the Political Involvement of Buddhism during the Ming Dynasty.
  • Analysis of the One-Child policy in China: Economic success or failure
  • Analytical Approaches of the Modern Historian
  • Ancestor Worship in China: The Tradition of Honoring the Departed.
  • Ancient Chinese Art.
  • Ancient Japanese Pottery: An Analysis of Jomon Artistry
  • Article Summary.
  • Asian American Immigrant Rights
  • Asian Culture and History
  • Asian Faiths.
  • Asian-Caucasian Inter-racial dating in The Media
  • Aspects of Prostitution in Japan
  • Assimilation in the Korean Culture.
  • Attachment vs. Detachment to this World.

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