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Making Space for Creativity in the Guest Room


Creativity is a big business these days. With books, magazines, blogs, and more dedicated to organizing and decorating spaces for everything from scrapbooking to painting, card making to weaving, it’s easy to see how enriching having a “room of one’s own,” is for most women.


A guest bedroom makes a perfect space to get creative. If you have a platform bed with drawers, there is built-in storage for paint, glue, and other craft supplies. But maybe instead the room features a queen platform bed. No worries! There are lots of great storage options to contain one’s creativity when the guest room must serve its primary function.



First, look at existing furniture and storage space. Can one item be utilized to meet dual needs? For instance, a vanity table could also make a good work surface, and an antique armoire, while unused, would be a great space to store neatly organized boxes of craft supplies. When a guest is coming, simply tuck these into a rarely used closet or under the platform bed in the master bedroom, and voila! An empty armoire just right for housing your guest’s clothes.


 In our previous post, we discussed how a guest room makes the perfect spot for a craft or art room. In these busy and hectic days, it’s nice to have a retreat from the world, somewhere special where the woman of the house can spend time making things with her hands and focus solely on making something beautiful.


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We talked about storing art supplies in a platform bed with drawers in Part I of this post, or using existing storage, like an antique armoire. But what if the guest room already has a second function, such as a home office?

This situation is a bit trickier, but not impossible. One of the things that kindergarten teachers seem to grasp instinctively is the need for “stations.” Each of these areas is set up for different tasks. So, looking for a guest room you might need to focus on one corner for the home office, and a separate one for a small table, perhaps one with drop-down leaves, which can accompany a creative project.



If the room is already set up with a loft platform bed, then the space underneath the bed is perfect for a creative area. Equipped with shelving and a small table or even a portable tray, the clutter that often accompanies art is tucked neatly out of the way. Perhaps a platform bed queen fills much of the floor. Again, think outside the box a bit. Is it possible to store extra art supplies in an attractive cabinet across the room, or maybe make a drop-down desk in the closet?


Making room for creative pursuits may initially be time-consuming. But the pleasure one receives from using the space is more than worth the effort.