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Dyson 360 Eye vacuum review

Dyson 360 Eye is well-known for being the best robot vacuum cleaner until now with the maximum battery life up to 90 minutes and the control panel accessed by a smartphone.

Even if this tiny machine is a little noisy it’s still a perfectly great option for your home with good suction power. In this article, we will review the Dyson 360 Eye in more detail to answer the question that remains: what is the Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews for your choice?



Dyson 360 Eye is a high-end robot vacuum cleaner that makes it superior to others. In spite of its slim size, it’s quick to get into small corners and under furniture. If it gets stuck somewhere, the sound from its motor can call for help.

Moreover, it can move around anywhere needed to vacuum and navigates so well that you don’t need to be anxious about it causing damage in the cleaning area. Because it is set up through an app from a smartphone, you can control it even you’re not at home. You can establish its activity through the app by the camera-equipped Dyson 360 Eye.

Super suction

It is a fact that Dyson 360 Eye’s suction is not as strong as standard vacuums. But if you clean once a week, you still get a great experience with it. As we mentioned, the battery life is a maximum of 90 minutes per charge and charging time is shortened by two hours (less than others by half). Its brush rolls head is full length so as to easily get to the edges of floors.


Some robot vacuums can’t move by themselves when they get stuck under furniture or in corners. However, Dyson 360 Eye, described as one of the top rated best vacuum cleaners brands is so different. According to its small size and good navigation, it rarely to bumps into things or obstacles. When it needs our help, it makes a sound to alert us. That’s why we can use it to keep all of the living areas clean.


We also aren’t surprised at its high price due to its sophisticated technology and incredible features. But it is really pricey even though it can clean up every single place at your home during a whole day. Additionally, after it moves around for many hours, its dust tank gets full. Therefore, the small dust tank forces us to empty quite often, otherwise your home may not be clean enough.

Before considering the cost, we certainly need to find out our requirements first – why we need a robot vacuum cleaner before answering the question “what is a good vacuum cleaner to you?”

  • If you have pets, a robot vacuum is perfectly worth it. Pet hair sticks to the surfaces of carpets and bare floors. It’s even too light to sweep it out, but a robot vacuum can solve it.
  • On another hand, it’s up to the type of floors you want to clean. If you choose it to work on carpets and hardwood floors, congratulations! You made a good decision.

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Thanks for reading on the review. We hope you make the right choice!