Analisis Data Suhu, Konduktifitas, Dan Aliran Panas Untuk Menafsir Struktur Bawah Permukaan Daerah Air Putih Lebong Utara

Andik Purwanto(1),
(1) , 


The measurement had been conducted at 50cm depth on Air Putih’s area, which is used needle probe. The
transient heating of needle probe is used to measure the thermal conductivity and shallow depth temperature. The
temperatures that have been measured are 17.42-52.930 C and the highest value of heat flow that have been measured
is 0.55 W/ m. K. Temperature measurements at shallow depths contain useful information about features of the
geological structures in Air Putih area. Essentials similarity between thermal and magnetic prospecting make it
possible to apply to thermal prospecting modification of the rapid method characteristic point developed for magnetic
prospecting. The interpretation result, which is used characteristic points, is the upper edge location of anomaly at 12.13 m below the surface   

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