Model Higher Order Thinking Virtual Laboratory: Model Praktikum Fisika Berbasis Keterampilan Berpikir Kritis dan Pemecahan Masalah Secara Kreatif

Sutarno Sutarno(1), Agus Setiawan(2), Andi Suhandi(3), Ida Kaniawati(4), Dedy Hamdani(5),
(1) , Indonesia
(2) , Indonesia
(3) , Indonesia
(4) , Indonesia
(5) , Indonesia


The virtual experiment model based on higher-order thinking skills has been successfully developed as a model of laboratory activities to provide students’ critical thinking skills (CTS) and creative problem solving skills (CPSS), called the higher order thinking virtual lab model (HOT-V Lab). The implementation of the HOT-V Lab model in physics experiments have resulted in high effectiveness in improving CTS and CPSS. This paper describes the characteristics of the HOT-V Lab model based on the syntax, context of the problem, activity, and guiding questions used. In addition, the identification of the characteristics of the HOT-V Lab model is also based on the results of expert review and student perceptions of the implementation of the HOT-V Lab model in improving the CTS and CPSS. Based on the results of the identification, it was found that the HOT-V Lab model has specific stages that represent problem-solving steps to train CTS and CPSS. It was concluded that the physical experiment activities using the HOT-V Lab model fulfill the characteristics of learning based on higher order thinking skills (HOTS).


Keywords: Higher order Thinking Virtual Lab, The Characteristics of the HOT-V Lab Model, Critical Thinking Skills, Creative Problem Solving Skills.

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