Peer Review Process

Pendipa applies a blind peer review process. Each submission of the manuscript will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers, followed by editorial comments. Editor-in-Chief or editor in accordance with the field of research will provide a decision of acceptance / rejection.

A. Pre-check manuscript

After submission, this examination was initially to assess: Suitability of the text with the scope of the journal template and plagiarism, if the text does not match the template and the similarity number exceeds 15% then the text will be returned to be repaired first.

B. Review by peer colleagues

The process is peer-blind, peer-reviewed, meaning that the author does not know the identity of the reviewers, but the reviewers know the identity of the author. To assist editors, Pendipa staff handles all communication with authors, reviewers, and external editors. The editor will check the script status and the identity of the reviewer at any time. Reviewers were given two-four weeks to write their review. To review the revised text, reviewers are asked to provide their report within one week.

C. Editor Decision 

The decision to accept the text, after the peer review, was made by the editor. Editors can choose from: accept, reject, ask the revised author, request an additional reviewer.