Adi Candra(1),
(1) Department of Geological Engineering, Jenderal Soedirman University (UNSOED), Purwokerto, Indonesia, 


The development of society and its environment in Purwokerto has rapidly increased a
number of waste which stored in removal area was called landfill. Purwokerto have some landfill
that situated out of downtown, one of the landfill is located in Kaliori village, Banyumas, Central
Java. Kaliori landfill was built in 2013 with modern waste management system (sanitary landfill)
to replace the old landfill that used conventional system. The research aims to know geologic
condition, flow direction of ground water, physical-chemical characteristics of leachate and
groundwater, and water quality of water since landfill was operated. Methods in the study by using
geological survey which encompass geomorphology, stratigraphy and ground water measurement
of water table and sampling. Groundwater quality status was determined by contaminant index.
Result of research showed that lithology was covered by sandstone, intercalated sandstone –
claystone, andesite breccia, alluvial deposits and predominantly of morphology by undulated hills
with elevation less than 100 m above sea level. Contamination which happened at Kaliori landfill
influenced by lateral and vertical movement from leaching that contaminates ground water.
Chemical content were existed in leachate and ground water exhibited some of chemical content
exceeds of maximum threshold which has been clearly specify by government even there was
founded some of heavy metal compound. The chemical content are: Total of Dissolved Solid
(TDS), Total of Suspension Solid (TSS), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biological Oxygen
Demand (BOD), Phenol, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate, Ammoniac, and heavy metal compound such
as Iron, Copper, Chrome and Sulfide. Status of water quality at Kaliori Landfill for river is 6.05
(moderate polluted) and dug well is 4.84 (lightly polluted). Leachate has slightly been influenced
quality of ground water and river around the landfill and should be managed properly for
uncontaminated ground water and river. Kaliori landfill site is needed safety facility of leachate for
instance, drainage infrastructure, waterproof layer, and leachate collection network and leachate
treatment plant.


Leachate; Contamination; Landfill; Groundwater

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