effect of valve gap on four strokes engine performance

Agus Nuramal(1), Yovan Witanto(2),
(1) Mechanical Engineering, University of Bengkulu, 
(2) Mechanical Engineering, University of Bengkulu, 


Valve adjustment aims to provide sufficient space expansion for valves so that when the engine at operating temperature, valves can be fixed and sealed. Result of the improper valve gap can is decreasing engine performance. This study aims to analyze the reduction of engine performance as a result of improper valve gap. The study was conducted by operating the engine in two stages, without heating and with heating at various slit valve. Engine performance is measured by the maximum achievable revolution of machine. The results showed that the exhaust valve gap gives greater influence than the intake valve gap. This is evident from result showed that after heating process, the engine achieved higher revolution compared by unheating process. Another result of the study showed that wider valve gap provided positive effect on the heating process. The heating effect can be minimized by widening valves gap, which the maximum revolution of the engine before heating process is about 83% of the maximum engine revolution by heating process


performance; valve gap; revolution

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