Designing the device to detect an early warning of the earthquake potentially causing tsunami via audio signal transmision through electrical circuitry medium

Irnanda Priyadi(1), Meiky Enda Wijaya(2),
(1) Electrical Engineering, University of Bengkulu, 
(2) Electrical Engineering, University of Bengkulu, 


Tsunami can be known using detect of earthquake magnitude that cause of tsunami (>6.3 RS, on shallow water) . The earthquake of detection process that cause of tsunami still using manually seismograf device which not quite effectively as information present before tsunami happened. The solution of the problem above is by using magnetic levitation concept as a vibration sensor of earthquake detection. Furthermore that information of earthquake directly delivered to microcontroller system by electricity medium and it giving of warning that tsunami will be happened. The information of detection designing and earthquake warning cause of tsunami by electricity medium can be used as early warning system of earthquake


vibration sensor; magnetic levitation; earthquake; tsunami detection

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