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Efforts to improve the quality of education continue to be encouraged by the government with various policies, one of the current government policies is the launch of an independent learning curriculum and a driving school program. In an effort to accelerate the implementation of the independent learning curriculum in schools, all parties, including universities, have the responsibility to disseminate government policies with various activities, one of which is to socialize the implementation of the independent learning curriculum in schools as a manifestation of the Tridarma of Higher Education, namely through community service.

The socialization activity for the independent learning program was held at SMA Muhammadiyah Singkut, Singkut Sub-district, Sarolangun Regency on July 30 and 31, 2022. The purpose of this socialization activity was to provide basic knowledge and understanding to school principals and teachers about the independent learning curriculum and the driving school program. This community service activity was attended by 24 teachers and a school principal. The method of this community service activity is socialization and workshops.

The results achieved in this activity are: 1) principals and teachers understand government policies regarding driving schools and independent learning, 2) principals and teachers understand the essence of independent learning in driving school programs, 3) principals and teachers are able to implement differentiated learning, 4) principals and teachers are able to implement the Pancasila student profile project, 5) principals and teachers understand about making teaching modules.

The conclusion from community service activities is that principals and teachers have basic knowledge and understanding of the independent learning curriculum and driving school programs.

 Keywords: Socialization, independent curriculum, driving school

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