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The purpose of this community service activity is to improve the understanding and skills of partner teachers regarding: (1) preparation of project-based teaching materials and (2) assessment of student creativity. The target of the activity is the 25 teachers at Al-Azhar 51 Islamic Elementary School, Bengkulu City. This activity was carried out using observational and modeling methods with four phases, namely: attention, retention, reproduction, and motivation phases. The results of the activity show that partner teachers produce: (1) 6 sets of project-based teaching materials according to their class, aspects of completeness and assignment/project design of project-based teaching materials have reached very good and good categories. (2) 6 sets of creativity assessment instruments by 6 groups of class teachers according to their class achieved very good and good categories in the assessment of aspects of attitude, knowledge, skills, creativity, thinking fluently and flexible. However, it still reached the sufficient category on making self-assessments, and the category lacking in thinking in detail. Based on the conclusions above, follow-up activities are needed, assistance is still needed on: (1) preparation of indicators of competency achievement for the basis of preparing project teaching materials. (2) Preparation of grids and questions based on reading literacy and numeracy based on the indicator formulation. (3) Preparation of HOTS-based grids and questions and students' creativity.

Keywords: Teacher assistance, project teaching materials, and student creativity.

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