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Garbage is an item that is considered obsolete and discarded by the previous owner/user, but for some people it can still be used if it is managed with the right procedures. Waste processing must be carried out efficiently and effectively so that the amount of waste accumulation can be reduced. Community service activities in the form of outreach about the manufacture of organic fertilizers made from household kitchen waste with the aim that all households are aware of and can participate in preparing for the manufacture and use of organic fertilizers.


Kitchen Waste Recycle Production Bengkulu Household

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Armelly, Gunawan, R. G., & Merri Anitasari. (2023). Pemanfaatan Limbah Dapur Sebagai Upaya Penghematan Pengeluaran Rumah Tangga di Bentiring Kota Bengkulu. Kreativasi : Journal of Community Empowerment, 1(3).


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