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Change in the world is very fast. Specifically in the world of education, changes often occur due to the
demands of curriculum changes that are tailored to the learning needs of today's students. The purpose of this research
is to describe the transformation of planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating learning as well as problems
and solutions in the transformation of learning management in the independent curriculum at SD Negeri 16 South
Bengkulu. The research approach used is descriptive-qualitative. The subjects in this study were the principal, vice
principal, and teachers. The data collection techniques used are interviews, observation, and documentation. The
analysis technique uses data reduction, conclusion drawing, summarizing research results, and data triangulation. The
results showed that since 2 years, SD Negeri 16 Bengkulu Selatan has implemented an independent curriculum,
starting with changes in planning, organization, implementation, and evaluation of learning in stages with the support
of all school stakeholders and the surrounding community. The problems that arise are related to the technology that
must be used in implementing the independent curriculum, but the school's solution is to provide continuous
assistance from the driving school facilitator and supervisor to motivate teachers to use the independent teaching
platform. Advice is given to the school to continue to carry out learning reflection activities once every 3 months to
find out the problems that arise internally and find solutions together. Collaboration in the implementation of

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