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Pulmonary X-ray is a medical diagnostic method used to produce internal lung images. However, the X-ray process is often interrupted when capturing images, resulting in noisy image results. This condition diminishes the clarity of information contained in the lung X-ray images. Therefore, noise removal or denoising is essential. Denoising is a fundamental image processing technique aimed at improving image quality for optimal information transmission. This study applies denoising methods to 20 datasets of pulmonary X-ray images using Median, Mean, Gaussian, Bilateral, and Wiener filters, with Python and the OpenCV Library. Error measurement for noise filtering is conducted using Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Mean Square Error methods. The research results show that the median filter stands out as an excellent denoising method, outperforming others with a Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 37.6444 and a Mean Square Error of 11.3339 for Salt and Pepper Noise.

Keywords: Denoising; Filtering; MSE; PSNR; X-Ray.

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Tjahjadi, J., Tanuwijaya, P., & Riti, Y. F. (2023). Analisis Perbandingan Algoritme Penghapusan Noise pada Citra X-Ray Paru - Paru. Pseudocode, 10(2), 80–89.