Student Journal of Business and Management (SJBM) is an open access journal that publishes the results of writing scientific papers, as a forum for research publications and academic review results in the field of Management and Business. Editors invite writers and experts to publish and share their ideas through scientific and empirical research in the field of Management and Business. The main aim of this publication is to enhance theory, concepts and practice in management and business. Research dissemination will enable young researchers, and practitioners to present and share their empirical scientific findings. We will be a bridge between theory and practice in management and business. This journal is intended for researchers, lecturers, undergraduate and graduate students, and practitioners. Prepare your articles, SJBM editors will immediately accept articles for the next issue of the journal. Focus and Scope The focus of published journal articles is journal articles related to economics, business, management. The scope of writing journal articles within the scope of financial management, marketing management, business practices, human resource management, operations management, innovation and production, and financial management.
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