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The aim of the study is to investigate the decision making behaviour of the Malay women entrepreneurs at the peripheral area of Tok Bali, Kelantan Malaysia. Six respondents were observed and interviewed using in depth interview protocol. The in depth interview (IDI) transcripts concluded that most respondents venture into business is just to raise their respective families and solve their current financial problem instead of contributing to the economy of the area. Thus, the characteristics of entrepreneurship among them do not exist. Therefore, most of the respondents cannot be categorized as real entrepreneurs as most of their businesses are just small-scale businesses to support their family. However, they do bring a significant change to their family’s economy and play a role in changing their family’s economic condition but do not act as catalyst for the economic change for the peripheral area. It was also found that the most popular businesses in Tok Bali is “Fish crackers (‘i.e. Keropok’)” business and they have received the government's assistance such as capital, machinery, business training and business premises. The present study is exploratory in nature, thus  researchers will only able to describe the situation instead of recommending what should be done to improve the situation. For further research, it is recommended that more extensive study to be done to gain more information on their decision making behaviour towards entrepreneurship and their attribution to success. More respondents should be interviewed to gauge more factors and issues. A mixed method with quantitative analysis will enrich the result.

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