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Community Service Activities with the theme Building Brand Image Through Digital Marketing for edu ecotourism is the theme conveyed to the Jenggalu Kito village group. This activity is carried out by the management department of the Faculty of Economics and Business. The purpose of this activity is to provide information and understanding

to the management of Jenggalu Kito Village so that they can build a Brand Image for EDU Ecotourism tourism. So far, the promotion carried out by the Jenggalu Kito manager is good. However, it still needs to be improved so that the wider community knows about the potential of EDU ecotourism tourism from Jenggalu Kito village. Therefore, it is expected with With this community service, Jenggalu Kito village managers can use the internet to introduce tourism products that they make to outside parties. Implementation of activities is carried out through seminars community service carried out at the Jenggalu Kito village tourist location which was attended by the management and local residents who are the supporting system for the Jenggalu Kito village tourist attraction. Participants hope for community service activities to the community, this can be implemented on an ongoing basis by Bengkulu University.

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Edu-Ecotourism Jenggalu Promotions Tourisms

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M Yasser Iqbal Daulay, Universitas Bengkulu

Google Scholar: wXOKn2UAAAAJ

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Daulay, M. Y. I., Salim, M., Usman, B., & Hayu, R. S. (2023). Creating An International Tourism Destination Image Through Brand Message And Promotion For Edu-Ecotourism In Jenggalu Kito . Jurnal Abdimas Bhakti Mulia, 1(2), 39–44. Diambil dari


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