1)    The article should be within the scope and focus of this journal.

2)    The article is sent in Ms.Word format with the following conditions:

  • A4 paper (21 cm x 21,7cm) with normal margin;
  • Articles may be up to 4,000 words in length, excluding indexing. 
  • The paper is written in one column in Calibri font 12.

3) Cite all relevant references.

4) Do not include plagiarized obscene, libellous or defamatory material.

5) Please do not insert page numbers.

6) Give credit to others who have helped or influenced your work.

7) Articles are written with the following regulations.

  • Judul (Calibri 12; contains uppercase on the whole and bold; 1 space).
  • Nama Penulis (Calibri 12; 1 space).
  • Afiliasi Penulis (Calibri 12, 1 space). 
  • Email Korespondensi (Calibri 12).
  • Abstract (Calibri 12; contains uppercase in the first letter and bold; 1 space). The manuscript abstract is written in Bahasa Indonesia and English)
  • Kata Kunci (Calibri 12; bold) and their contents (Book Antiqua 12), keywords are written in English and Bahasa Indonesia with several 3-5 keywords.
  • Pendahuluan.
  • Metode.
  • Hasil dan Pembahasan.
  • Penutup.
  • Kesimpulan dan Saran.
  • Daftar Pustaka