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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

Konservasi Hayati is a journal of biology science and first printed in Mei 2007, this scientific journal accepts writings that have never been published elsewhere. and receive writings on the subject of biology.

  1. The manuscript should be within the scope and focus of this journal subject. 
  2. Manuscripts or articles are sent in a soft copy of Microsoft Word files, through an online system by registering first at the address https://ejournal.unib.ac.id/hayati/about/submissions and via e-mail konservasihayati@unib.ac.id
  3. Excel formatted tables, JPEG format images, graphics and the like are placed into text manuscripts.
  4. The manuscript is sent with the following conditions :
    1. A4 paper (21 cm x 29,7cm) with the page margin; Left (2,54 cm), top (2,54 cm), Right (2,54 cm), and bottom (2,54 cm)
    2. The contents of the article are made into two columns
    3. The number of the manuscript pages between 6 - 10 pages.
    4. The script is written two column with 1 space.
    5. The manuscript is written in Indonesian except abstract. It is written in English too)
    6. The conjunctions (and, in, or with, as well, about, that, against, so, because, then, for the sake,) and prepositions (in, to, from, into, within, by, through) are written in lowercase
  5. Manuscript are written with the following regulations :
  • TITLE (Times New Roman-14pt Bold, Center)
  • AUTHOR (Full names without academic titles and degrees, Times New Roman 12pt Bold)
  • AFFILIATION (Times New Roman 11 pt)
  • ABSTRACT (Times New Roman-11 pt, italic/in English, normal/in Indonesia)
  • KEYWORD (Times New Roman-11 pt)
  • INTRODUCTION (Times New Roman-12 pt) (Content: Times New Roman-11 pt, Space 1)
  • METHODS (Times New Roman-12 pt) (Content: Times New Roman-11 pt, Space 1)
  • RESULT AND DISCUSSION (Times New Roman-12 pt) (Content: Times New Roman-11 pt, Space 1)
  • Figure and Table. Place the caption above the table, while the Figure label at the bottom of the figure/image. Write down certain tables and figures, for example Table 1. or Figure 1. (Times New Roman-11 pt) 
  • Citation and references. The citation style and references follow the
    American Psychologycal Association style of the sixth edition (APA Sixth Edition). (Times New Roman-11 pt) 

  • CONLUSION (Times New Roman-12 pt) Content: Times New Roman-11 pt, Space 1) 
  • REFERENCES  (Times New Roman-12 pt) Content: Times New Roman-11 pt, Space 1)