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Point of Sales System (POS System) is a recent popular application that able to overcome
the daily business operational problems of SMEs, because it provides information on the
types of goods, prices, and inventories. This activity introduces POS and training partners
to use the application. These activities are successfully implemented a method that is
specifically designed for the layman who do not understand the science of accounting. The
method is called puzzle drilling method. This method proved to be effective to change the
mindset quickly. At first all the partners prepare an income statement with the concept of
money going out and money coming, but with this method partners quickly realized their
misunderstanding and ignorance about the income statement. Generally this activity has
its own benefit for the SMEs owner.

Keywords: Point of Sales System, Puzzle Drilling Method, Income Statement

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Nurazi, R., Aisyah, S., ., H., & Rinaldi, R. S. (2017). EFEKTIVITAS PUZZLE DRILLING METHOD UNTUK PEMAHAMAN AKUNTANSI DAN SISTEM INFORMASI BAGI UMKM. Dharma Raflesia : Jurnal Ilmiah Pengembangan Dan Penerapan IPTEKS, 12(1).


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