Olya Octa Devia Putri Devia Putri(1), Safnil .(2), Kasmaini .(3),
(1) University of Bengkulu, 
(2) University of Bengkulu, 
(3) University of Bengkulu, 


The aim of this research was to find out the kinds of language function used and the distributions of the frequency of language function by the main characters in “Now You See Me 2 Movie”. This research was conducted by using mixed method research. The instrument of this research was table checklist. The data were collected by the researcher and co-researcher through deep analysis of movie’s script.  The result of the study showed that there were only five language functions found in the movie out of six language functions. They are a referential function, phatic function, emotive function, conative function, and metalingual function. The distribution of language function frequency in “Now You See Me 2 Movie” is referential function (35.2%?), phatic function (25.5%), emotive function (21,0%), conative function (15.8%), metalingual function (2.5%) and poetic function (0%). Based on the explanation, a refrential function is the most dominant language function used in the movie. The distribution was possibly caused by the genre of the movie. The genre of the movie was spy-thriller, in which the most commonly used expression was to the point, imperative, and straightforward


Language, Language Function, Movie, Script

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