Efratenta Katherina Defari(1), Deselina ,(2), Gunggung Senoaji(3), Fajrin Hidayat(4),
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(2) , Indonesia
(3) , Indonesia
(4) , Indonesia


Farm poultry, especially chicken, is a producer of meat and eggs. In addition to producing
meat and eggs, chicken farms also have negative impacts, which can cause odorless gas
that can pollute the environment. In the village there are six places Srikaton laying chicken
farms that always make chicken manure every day. Alternative technology that can be
applied and has a positive outlook is to convert poultry farm waste, ie chicken manure into
compost. IBM outer target groups laying chicken farming is to produce compost chicken
that can be utilized by the villagers Srikaton (short-term targets), and the long-term target
is to sell the compost to other consumer good in the village Srikaton, and outside the
village Srikaton . Effective technology for the transformation of society is using extension
methods, training by making demonstrations, or direct practice coupled with mentoring.
The target of this service is Srikaton village community, which consists of chicken
breeders, youth organization group, the PKK, and residents who do not have a job
(unemployed). Based on the activities carried out, the people were very enthusiastic.
Through these activities, the village Srikaton has the skills to produce compost chicken
manure that can be used for fertilizer in the garden itself, and or for sale, so as to improve
their welfare.

Keywords: chicken manure, compost



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