Hendra .(1), Muhammad Syaiful(2), Anizar Indriani(3),
(1) , Indonesia
(2) , Indonesia
(3) , Indonesia


Community empowerment in improving the knowledge to make a generator by using the
recycle of magnet of the motorcycle is part of a community service-based research through
training manufacture of generators. This generator can be used to change of mechanical
energy into the electrical energy. Where as the mechanical energy is obtained from the
turbine screw. This training method contains material about the introduction of the
generator and proceed with the process of manufacture of generators by using recycle of
motorcycle magnet coil manner. Generators are made tested with the 3 phase of motors as
early movers to get the magnitude of the voltage output of the generator. After the output
voltage is obtained then followed by using the turbinesscrew, windmills or other
propulsion to drive the generators. Magnet motor that is made into a generator consists of
several magnetic poles are 6, 8 and 12 poles. Mechanism of the generator is expected to
help the community in generating electrical energy as a power source of the electrical
power and that does not depend anymore on electricity company such as PLN for lighting,
drying, cooling and others. Through this training, the potential flow of a river or irrigation
water in the village of Kemumu can be utilized by the villagers to meet the need for
electrical energy. Where electrical energy can be used to increasing the economy value
and daily life of rural communities Kemumu. Of the training conducted, it was found that
the generator capable of producing an electrical voltage of 106 volts with the rotation
drive of screw turbines is 876 rpm and 12 pole magnet generator. The generator with an
output voltage of 6 obtained by 78, 4 Volt with one load of 15-watt incandescent light bulb.
And using four load of 15-watt incandescent light bulbs obtained 58,8 Volt output voltage
by using a magnetic generator 8 poles. From these results can be concluded that the
generators by using the recycle magnet of motorcycle by the community can generate an
electric voltage.
Keywords: Generator, PLTMH, Electrical Energy, Magnet Motor, Turbin Screw


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