All articles was sent by the author will be read by the editorial team for later review based on criteria established by Convergence: The Journal of Economic Development. The criteria in question are those that are in accordance with the format of writing scientific articles and are provided as well as still referring to the area and focus of research in this journal. Manuscripts in accordance with the existing provisions will be reviewed through a double blind reviewer process. That is, reviewers do not know the ownership of the article being reviewed, and so do the authors. In this case, the writer also does not know who reviewed their article. It is intended that the assessment conducted by the reviewer can take place objectively and without intervention from any party. Reviewers in this journal are academics who are experts in their fields. After the review process is carried out by reviewers, the decision and authority of the article to be published are in the Editor. Then the editor will make a decision based on recommendations from reviewers, related to the decision regarding the manuscript being rejected or accepted provided the manuscript must be revised or the manuscript immediately accepted.