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The problem in this research is whether of  leap frog traditional game  can be enhanced through of gross motor (body balance) of group B RA Permata Insani Bengkulu. The purpose of the research is to increase in children gross motor (body balance) skills trough of leap frog traditional game. This research is act who performed at RA Permata Insani Bengkulu. The subject is 12 children in group B, 7 girls and 5 boys. This classroom action research was conducted in two cycles and every cycles in three meetings. The data collected by observation, with data analysis techniques with average and the percentage to determine the success rate of learning. Complete value of gross motor in class, I cycles is 66% and cyles II 84,6%. The results of the research show that gross motor can be enhanced of leap frog traditional game. By the result obtained, theacher are recommended to use leap frog traditional game for increase result gross motor.

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Yosinta, S. I., Nasirun, H. M., & Syam, N. (2018). MENINGKATKAN MOTORIK KASAR MELALUI PERMAINAN TRADISIONAL LOMPAT KODOK. Jurnal Ilmiah Potensia, 1(1), 57–61.


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