Hermi Pasmawati(1), Septi Anggita(2),
(1) , Indonesia
(2) PAUD Islam Insani Kota Bengkulu, Indonesia


This research is based on the phenomenon, the existence of hyperactive child behavior that is difficult to control and tend to disrupt the running of learning process in PAUD Islam Insani, and become a complaint for other educators, also the old oarang, berbegai efforts have been done but not produce effective results , thereby providing a guidance-based group guidance counseling service is expected to be one solution in minimizing hyperactive behavior in children. This study aims to 1) to describe the hyperactive behavior of the children before the service of guidance group based on plastisi game, 2) to describe the level of hyperactive children behavior change after the guild group game guidance service was held. Type of research used in this research is Class Action Research or Clasroom Action Research. The subjects of the study were children of PAUD Islam Insani, class B, which was identified as hyperactive. The research instrument used wide observation. The result of the research shaows that 1). An overview of the child's hyperactive behavior level before the Plasticine Game Guidance Group service, a hyperactive behavioral child is still difficult to control his behavior, unable to calm down, difficult to follow instructions, and tends to upset his friend. 2). An overview of the level of hyperactive child behavior change after the Plasticine Game Group Guiding Service was held. Can be seen from the changes in hyperactive children who have seen that can be controlled behavior and emotions, able to bekosentrasi or quiet in a long time, have been able to follow the instructions given by teachers, able to interact and socialize well to friends sebayannya, no longer scribbling friends book without cause, and if you make a mistake already have the initiative to say sorry and apologize.


Group guidance services; plastisin games; hyperactive

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