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The frying oil quality decreased during continoiu frying is not only caused by frying condition, but also caused by the food composition of material being fried. The objective of the study was to evaluate the quality changes of frying oil during continous frying of Sardinella lemuru. 12 consecutive batches of frying of lemuru fish were conducted. Frying oil quality changes after 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th batch of frying were evaluated based on determination free fatty acids (FFA), conjugated dienoic acid (CDA), and the smoke point of the oil samples. The results showed that the more repetitions frying the higher levels of FFA and its CDA value while the value of the lower smoke point. Over 12 times in the frying oil quality parameter of FFA still under the limit was broken and starts to break down in the 23rd frying, but the parameters of the CDA value there is no obtained limit demage, while smoke point of the oil begins to break downin 12th frying.


quality of cooking oil the repeated use zoliteas adsorbent wear age

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Reni Indria Putri, Dept. of Agric. Technology, Fac. of Agriculture, Univ. of Bengkulu

Undergraduate Student

Budiyanto Budiyanto, Dept. of Agric. Technology, Fac. of Agriculture, Univ. of Bengkulu

Assoc. Professor

Syafnil Syafnil, Dept. of Agric. Technology, Fac. of Agriculture, Univ. of Bengkulu

Assoc. Professor
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Putri, R. I., Budiyanto, B., & Syafnil, S. (2016). EVALUATE THE QUALITY CHANGES OF FRYING OIL DURING CONTINOUS FRYING OF LEMURU FISH (Sardinella lemuru). Jurnal Agroindustri, 6(1), 1–7.


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