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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

Jurnal Agroindustri, contains writings / scientific works in the field of Agricultural Industry. The manuscript can be in the form of research results, literature review, field cases and ideas. Manuscripts must be original (never published) using Indonesian or English. This journal is published twice a year, namely on Mei and Nopember.

Manuscripts or articles are sent in a soft copy of Microsoft Word files, through an online system by registering first at the address https://ejournal.unib.ac.id/index.php/agroindustri/user/register and via e-mail j.agroindustri@unib.ac.id, typed using A4 paper sizes, Times New Roman font size 12 except abstracts and tables with font size 11, left and right margins normal (2.54 cm), top and bottom margins normal (2.54 cm). Written in space 2 (for the review process) and the total number of pages is no more than 15 pages.

Excel formatted tables, JPEG format images, graphics and the like are placed into text manuscripts.

Original Manuscript / Original article must be harmonized in the title (in Indonesian and English, introduction, material and method, results and discussion, conclusions, thank you and bibliography)

TITLE is written in Indonesian (font 14) and English (if the article is in Indonesian, if the text is in English then there is no need for an Indonesian title, font 14), the number of words does not exceed 15 (fifteen) words. The author's name, institution and address, including the author's e-mail are written under the title.

ABSTRACT, written in English, is short and dense containing brief purpose, method, results and conclusion; and below is written Key words or keywords 3-5 words. The number of words in Abstract is 200-250 words with 1 space.

ABSTRACT, written in Indonesian, short and solid containing brief purpose, method, results and conclusion; and written below are keywords. The number of words in Abstract is 200-250 words 1 space.

INTRODUCTION, contains problems, relevant or related existing researches, research objectives and hypotheses (if necessary).

MATERIALS AND METHODS, contains the material and brief but detail method used in the study; as well as statistical analysis used.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION, contains research results in the form of reviews, tables or graphs. The discussion contains a discussion of the results of the research referred to with relevant library materials and contained in the introduction.

CONCLUSION, contains conclusions on the results and discussion briefly and densely and should not be more than one paragraph.

REFERENCES, written following Harvard style which is arranged by loading names alphabetically, year, title, Publisher, City, page without serial number. Contains at least 7 (seven) scientific journals.