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For animal reproduction, artificial insemination has become a need. Semen preservation has been crucial in artificial insemination as it can determine the success of fertilization and pregnancy. Semen extenders have been critical in prolonging the usability of semen while also retaining its viability, motility, and integrity so that it can be used to fertilize female animals. Due to its nutritional and chemical qualities that can create an environment for spermatozoa to survive and thrive before insemination, coconut water has been the focus of various research addressing its effect on semen preservation. These studies have shown that coconut water has the potential to be an effective semen extender due to its ability to protect the semen during cooling and cryopreservation. Coconut water also includes nutrients (water, sugars, proteins, salts, and vitamins) to help spermatozoa thrive in a healthy environment. However, its performance lags that of commercial extenders, but it can be a less expensive alternative or replacement when commercial extenders are unavailable.


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Odrada, P. M. S., Purnamasari, L., & Cruz, J. F. D. (2023). The Effects of Water-Based Coconut Extenders on Semen Preservation : A review. Jurnal Sain Peternakan Indonesia, 18(1), 20–26.


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