Published: March 31, 2022

Importance of Colostrum for Calf Health and development: A brief review

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Pellet Quality with the Addition of Kepok Banana Peel Silage in Grower Crossbred Native Chickens Diet

14-21 T. N. I. Koni, T. A. Y. Foenay

Fatty Acid Profile and Cholesterol Levels of Quail Eggs Fed with Kayambang Flour (Salvinia molesta D.S Mitchell) in Ration Based on Lemuru Fish Oil and Palm Oil Combination

22-28 S. N. Putri, D. M. Suci, W. Hermana

Potential Benefits of Plant-Derived Products on Broiler Meat Characteristics - A Short Review

29-43 Sugiharto Sugiharto

Effect of Including Fermented Feather Meal as Substitution of Concentrate in the Basal Diet With Different Levels on the Performance of Landrace Crossbred Pigs

44-50 N. S. Dalle, S. Sembiring, E. J. L. Lazarus

Effects of Altitude Differences on the Performance of Broiler Chicken Kept in Closed House Cage

51-54 Z. R. Nugraini, L. D. Mahfudz, S. Kismiati

The Effect of Giving Dragon Fruit Skin Extract (Hylocereus costarisensis) on the Quality of Se'i Beef Meat

55-61 R. S. Sembong, G. E. M. Malelak, P. R. Kale

Evaluate the Program in Strengthening Group Business’s Capital Effectiveness of Beef Cattle Farm to Increasing Farmers Income in Kupang Regency

62-67 J. T. V. Hanin, M. Krova, U. Lole

Increased Growth of Kume Grass (S. plumosum) and B. pertusa Through the Introduction of Various Types of Herbaceous Leguminosae

68-74 A. D. Firmanto, E. Hartati, I.G.N. Jelantik