Publication Ethics

Authors obligation

1. Article writing standard

The study presented has to be a valid research. The article has to be supported by the evidence and decent reference. Doing fraud by submitting inaccurate data is an unethical act.

 2. Data access

The author is asked to provide primer data and document for the purpose of editorial, can show and save the data after the article is published.

3. Originality and plagiarism  

The author has to be able to ensure that the article is original, and properly cite the reference.

4. Double publication

The author is not allowed to republish an article which presents the same study, at the same time to other journal publishers. Submitting the same article to more than one journal publisher is unethical act.

5. Source testimony

The author has to admit and put out the reference and quote from properly published journal.

6. Contributor in article

All parties who have given significant contribution in the study report has to be listed as author of the articles. All author has seen and approved the final text from the article, in addition the authors have to approved the submission for publication.

7.The disclosure and conflict of interest

All of the authors have to declare the perspective which could affect the result of the interpretation.

8. Basic fault in journal publication

When one author finds a significant mistake or inaccuracy in his/her published text, author’s obligation is to confirm it to the journal editor or publisher and cooperate to take back the article and revise it.  

 Editor Obligation

1.Non Discriminative

Anytime editors evaluate journal to be published, editors have obligation not to consider race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and believe, ethnicity, nationality or political ideology of the authors

2. Keeping it confidentiality

Editors and its staff have obligation not to reveal any information about the article to anyone, except to author, reviewer, publisher and all parties who have authority during the publication process of article.

3.Have to conflict of interest

The unpublished journal content submitted to editor is not allowed to be used by other parties without written approval from the main author.

4.Publication decision

Editor board has responsibility to decide which articles will be published. After article validation process.   Editing team can be guided by existing policy and restricted to the law related to defamation, copy right and plagiarism. All editors can discuss in determining this decision.

5. Article text review

Editors have obligation to evaluate the originality of the article. Editors manage and do peer review fairly and wisely. Editors have obligation to clearly explain peer review process conducted by reviewers to the authors.  Editors have obligation to use proper peer reviewer to each article submitted. The next step is to give the article to the expert by considering the expertise of the reviewer in order to avoid conflict of interest.