It was initiated by willingness of the Head of the Dept.of Agr. Technology, Fac. of Agriculture, Univ. Bengkulu, in 2010, to have a media publishing the students’ and the lecturers’ scientific writing that was created regularly each semester. However, it was borned a new regular publication, named Jurnal Agroindustri; sponsored by the Department and partly supported financially by the Faculty of Agriculture, Univerity of Bengkulu.

Jurnal Agroindustri has its first printed publication on Mei 2011; lead by Dr.Ir. Kurnia Harlina Dewi, MSi as the Chief Editor.  Under her management, it was created the Logo, the design of the Cover, and publication permission (pISSN).  During her management, it had been published totally six editions of the Journal, starting from the Volume 1 Number 1 to the Volume 3 Number 2.  It had also been some manuscripts from others (outside of the Department) to be published in the Journal.

Following the regulation apply for the Jurnal Agroindustri management written in the Dean decision (SK Dekan),  the exisiting Jurnal Agroindustri management tim to be replaced by the new one; lead by Evanila Silvia, STP, MSi as the chief Editor, starting on Januari 2014.  Under her management, it had been some changes in terms of manuscript’s writer.  There had been writer from Syah Kuala University in Banda Aceh, from Andalas University in Sumatera Barat; from Jambi University in Jambi; from Sriwijaya University in Sumatera Selatan, etc. During her management, there had been published 6 editions; starting from Volume 4 Number 1 to Volume 6 Number 2.  At that time, the articles had also been published electronically through a blog.

Starting Januari 2017, under the Dean decision (SK Dekan) the Journal management tim had also been renewed by other tim, with Ir. Sigit Mujiharjo, MSAE as the chief Editor. During his management, the Journal was started to be published openly using Open Journal System. Under his management, it had been granted the permission for journal to be published electronically (eISSN). As the permission found, all articles published in this journal, starting from Volume 1 Number 1 up to the latest published  were put in the system, and accessible for the readers onlined.