Published: December 11, 2021

Growth Evaluation of Native Chicken on Different Type of Hen Body Weight

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Detection of Toxocara cati from Fecal Samples of Domestic Pet Cats at Pet Clinic Surabaya and Durability of Toxocara cati Eggs with In Vitro Media

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Diallyl-n-Sulfide of Garlic Inhibits Glycogenolysis in Heat-Stressed Laying Sentul Chicken

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Physicochemical and Microbiological Appearance of Sapera Goat's Milk on Frozen Storage

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GHR/HindIII Locus Polymorphisms in Intron-2 GHR Gene of Papua Local Chicken

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Study on the Physical Quality of Complete Rabbit Feed Pellets Using Different Forage Protein Sources

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Effect of Fermented Lime Waste Flour on the pH of the Small Intestine and Microbes of Broiler Chicken Ileum

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Effect of Adding Cassava Peel and Lactic Acid Bacteria as a Feed Additive to the Weight of Immune Organs of Super Native Chicken

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Effect Concentration of Moringa (Moringa oleifera Lam) Leaf Extract in Citrate-Egg Yolk in Maintaining Motility and Viability of Spermatozoa of Kacang Goat

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Effect of Addition of Moringa Leaves (Moringa oleifera) on Chemical Characteristics and Nutritional Value of Chicken Sausage Chips

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Physical and Organoleptic Qualities of Milk-Based Caramel with Variations in Addition of Pineapple Fruit (Ananas comosus (L) Merr.)

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Evaluation of Digestability and Rumen Parameters Through In-vitro Concentrate Containing Binahong Flour as Secondary Compound

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