Published: July 12, 2022

Values of Cassava Tuber Peels Produced in the Farms and Home-Scale Snack Food Industries as Feed Based on Yield Rate, Crude Nutrient, and Mineral Composition

75-81 Khalil Khalil

Estimation of Repeatability and the Most Probable Producing Ability (MPPA) Based on Birth Weight and Weaning Weight for Ranking of Sapudi Sheep

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Effect of Terminalia catappa Leaf Extract in Drinking Water on Performance and Carcass Production of Crossbred Native Chicken

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Effects of the use of Fermented Gamal Leaf Flour as a Concentrate Substitute on Performance of the Landrace Breeding Pigs

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Management of St. Croix Sheep and Garut Sheep Genetic Resources in Sheep Formation

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Physiological Response and Physical Quality of Cihateup Duck Meat Given Natural Isotonic in Dry Maintenance System

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Level of Motivation and Adoption of Innovation at Pig Farming in Southwest Sumba Regency

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Quality of Chemically Processed Flying Fish (Hyrundicthys oxycephalus) Waste Silage

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Macroclimate at Different Altitudes on Changes in Microclimates in a Closed House

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