Published: February 1, 2022

Linguistic problems of translating Indonesian popular lyrics of cover songs into English

1-14 Tira Nur Fitria

Are you a die-hard K-pop fan? Examining English Korean code mixing uttered by an American native speaker youtuber

15-33 Khadijah Khadijah, Emy Sudarwati

Overcoming the problem of cultural untranslatability in Burnett’s the secret garden from English into Indonesian

34-50 Nadia Khumairo Ma'shumah, Sajarwa Sajarwa

Continuous professional development: An overview from English language teachers in east Kalimantan

51-62 Abdul Halim, Yih-Sheue Lin, Mustofa Mustofa, Khusnul Khatimah

The implementation of TPS (think pair share) cooperative learning model aided by Google hangouts in literary expression course

63-75 Fina Hiasa, Supadi Supadi, Nafri Yanti

Males and females’ complimenting behaviour on the celebrities’ Instagram comments

76-103 Muthiara Chairani, Subiyantoro Subiyantoro

Teachers' perceptions of challenges in online learning: Voices from secondary EFL teachers

104-119 Dwi Bayu Saputra, Honesty Yonanda Ayudhia, Reci Muswari

The transition of online into limited English learning-teaching in the rural area context

120-135 Amira Wahyu Anditasari, Siti Kholija Sitompul

Teacher-made tests on Bahasa Indonesia subject for school examinations in public vocational high school of Bengkulu province

136-148 Gumono Gumono

Video or audio listening tests for English language teaching context: which is more effective for classroom use?

149-166 Clara Herlina Karjo, Menik Winiharti, Safnil Arsyad

Local English teachers’ voices from a marginalized lens: Inequality practices and identity construction in the workplace

167-185 Sahril Nur, Ismail Anas, Reski Pilu, Nurfajriah Basri

Promoting English movie as a means of enhancing EFL learners’ cultural competence

186-201 Dwi Suny Wardhany

The effect of the shaw English online channel on the EFL students’ speaking ability

202-214 Riswanto Riswanto, Anita Anita, Kasmaini Kasmaini, Anisa Imelda

EFL students’ motivation on learning English: What can we learn from them?

215-231 Yelni Erniyati, Pristian Hadi Putra

Improving EFL ninth graders’ reading comprehension through thieves learning strategy

232-258 Yenny Asmarni, Wisma Yunita, Dedi Sofyan

Developing an intensive reading material for EFL students: A final product

259-275 Pratnyawati Nuridi Suwarso, Muhammad Dzulfiqar Praseno

Feminist stylistic analysis and LGBTQA+ representation in Lady Gaga’s born this way

276-290 Rahmadsyah Rangkuti, Siti Hafifah