Published: May 20, 2023

Exploring parental language ideology and language enrichment in Indonesian children’s translingual practices

227-244 Riski Aginia Hafizha, Sary Silvhiany, Soni Mirizon

Screen distractions during Memrise MALL experience: Course-of-action study on students’ performance and perception

245-263 Azwar Abidin

Promoting research through claiming centrality and explicit research contributions in applied linguistics research articles

Online remote ESL education challenges, opportunities and readiness among high school students during school closure

281-302 Lois Gwyn Peter, Adelina Asmawi

Autonomous learning model in online English classes: The benefits and challenges

303-320 Siti Maulia Rizki, Siti Sarah Fitriani, Sofyan A. Gani, Iskandar Abdul Samad

Alignment and embodiment in a play script writing process: A sociocognitive perspective

321-337 Eka Margianti Sagimin, Setiono Sugiharto

Metaphors in Kaba tuanku lareh simawang story

338-354 Muhardis, Yulia Fitrina

The motivation of university students in speaking English on extracurricular activity: Extrinsic or intrinsic?

355-378 Mawardin Muhammad Said, Ferry Rita, Sriati Usman

The impact of dictogloss and blogging on EFL students’ writing skills in an Indonesian tertiary vocational college

379-397 Sri Hardiningsih, Elizabeth Anggraeni Amalo

Creating new knowledge based on the ecological teaching material in Indonesian language education

398-414 Abdurahman Adisaputera, M Oky Fardian Gafari, Wahyu Wiji Astuti, Muhammad Hafidz Assalam

Integrating extensive and intensive reading worksheets on digital platforms

415-432 Fahri Haswani, Yeni Erlita, Rika

Digital mind mapping as a pedagogical tool to support the student’s business plan writing performance

433-453 Farida Amansyah, Sahril Nur, Ismail Anas

Development of an English module based on Bugis' local wisdom

454-487 Mujahidah, Wahyu Hidayat, Muhammad Zuhri Dj, Ishak

Language acquisition of children aged 2 years in "Kimono mom" YouTube channel

488-509 Siti Muharami Malayu, Hanafi Wijaya, Yuddi Adrian Muliadi

A glimpse of the “new normal” in online language learning and teaching

510-527 Kasumi Arciaga