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Kinestetik: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Jasmani by the Program Study of Physical Education FKIP University of Bengkulu. This scientific journal received writings that had never been published elsewhere. and receive writings on the subject of physical education, sports, health, recreation and others. Kinestetik : Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Jasmani with ISSN 2477-331X (printed) and ISSN 2685-6514 (online) has been Re-accredited by Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture decision Number 148/M/KPT/2020 which is valid for five years since enacted on 3 August 2020. Furthermore, starting from 5 June 2020, the journal has been indexed by DOAJ.



Vol. 8 No. 1 (2024): MARCH

Published: March 14, 2024

Student Perception on Initial Experience of Flipped Classroom in Sport Education Department

1-13 Zen Fadli, Heri Masmur Sembiring, M. Eko Isdianto, Widya Andayani

Survey of Volleyball Underhand Serve and Underarm of Students at SMP Negeri 1 Siak Hulu

14-21 Mimi Yulianti, Rices Jatra, Leni Apriani, Rahma Wati, Subagyo Subagyo, Sujarwo Sujarwo

Analysis of Types of Physical Activity on Active Elderly Community in Bandung City

22-29 Kamli Suwandi, Jajat Jajat, Ahmad Hamidi

Manipulative basic Movement Learning Model in Class 6 Primary School Students

30-38 Sifra Oppin Paulima sifra, Fahmy Fachrezzy, Hernawan Hernawan, Oman Uju Subandi, Muhamad Syamsul Taufik

The Relationship between Physical Activity and Social Interaction of Elementary School Students

39-46 Sindy Oktaviani, Tatang Muchtar, Dewi Susilawati

The Influence of Learning Models on Students' Floor Exercise Learning Outcomes and Body Fitness

47-56 Ni Putu Diah Yeni Rahayu, I Gusti Lanang Agung Parwata, I Ketut Iwan Swadesi

The Effect of Hand Paddle and Push Up Exercises to Increase Swimming Speed in Children Aged 11-12 Years

57-64 Rakafadni Historian, Dewi Susilawati, Respaty Mulyanto

Analysis of the Implementation of Physical Education Learning in the Independent Curriculum

65-74 Oman Unju Subandi, Fahmy Fachrezzy, Sujarwo Sujarwo, Abdul Halim

Comparison of the Quality of Physical Fitness of Elementary School Students in Cities and Villages based on Geographical Location

75-83 Gunawan Gunawan, Tatang Muhtar, Dewi Susilawati

Development of Physiotherapy Standard Operating Procedures Case of Ankle Sprain in Basketball Players

84-93 Aulia Rahmi, Totok Budi Santoso

Physical Training Profile and Training Patterns of Paragliding Athletes

94-105 Carolin Purba, Aam Ali Rahman, Ayi Suherman

Analysis of the Potential of Rafting Sports Tourism in the Parakan Kondang River Kabupaten Sumedang

106-113 Arkiman Arkiman, Dewi Susilawati, Dinar Dinangsit, Rizal Ahmad Fauzi

Shooting Profile of Female Petanque Riau Athletes Judging from Time Effectiveness

114-123 Efdi Gusdillah, M. Fransazeli Makorohim

The Effect of HIIT on Increasing VO2 Max in White Water Rafting Athletes

124-130 Hadiono Hadiono, Nuril Huda, Andes Permadi, Ajeng Nur Khoirunnisa, Mirna Larasati

Development of Sepak Takraw Model Through TGFU to Improve Basic Athlete Junior in Playing Sepak Takraw

131-138 Arizky Ramadhan, Iyakrus Iyakrus, Yahya Eko Nopiyanto

What is the Physical Fitness Level of Basketball Extracurricular Participants? Investigation of Bengkulu State Middle School 14 Students

139-145 Septian Raibowo, Vega Mareta Sceisarriya, Miftah Fajrin Rahmi, Yarmani Yarmani

The Effectiveness of Hurdle Drill and Shadow Exercises to Improve Footwork Skills in Badminton

146-153 Indra Ferdiansyah Kurniawan, Ayi Suherman, Respaty Mulyanto

The Influence of Gobak Sodor Traditional Games towards Students’ Agility and Teamwork

154-163 Ai Faridah, Dian Permana, Arief Adhitia Hamzah, Tufail Ibrahim Said

The Influence of Traditional Games on Freestyle Swimming Speed in Riau Aquatic Pekanbaru Swimming Association Athletes

164-172 Rezki Rezki, Sesi Melati, Fezyana Delsa Anugrah, Muhammad Ikhsan
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